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July 2019 - More on Special Large Bloomer

May 2019
- New pages for Special Large Bloomer (O Gauge)

I've reviewed the question of making this site easier to read on small screens. It came up because Google started sending me messages to tell me the site was not "responsive" and would be downgraded in their listings until I fixed it. Well, that turns out to be quite a big job and one that will test my IT skills. Since much of this site is about the photos, viewing it on a phone won't give you the best experience anyway. And because I'm not selling anything, does it really matter? The long and the short of it is, I'm not going to bend the knee towards Google and the like. It will stay as it is. And if you happen to be reading this on a phone, please go to your computer. You will enjoy it far more that way.

Mar 2019
- New pages for Gauge 3 T3 class. There probably won't be much more on this for a while because I've had the go-ahead for two O Gauge locos and I need to get them started. Also the G3 garden railways are starting up and I will be running the 4MT.

I think the site now displays correctly in all common web browsers. Please let me know if you think differently.

Feb 2019
- I have done a complete revamp of this site because my interests have extended from O Gauge to Gauge 3, which is what I am now concentrating on. I have not abandoned O Gauge completely and I will still be building a few locos, but at a rather slower rate than before.

The home page is functioning, but is not displaying correctly in some browsers. I'm working on it.

This web site was started in 2013 and technology has moved on. I am working to make it more responsive, which means easier to read on phones and other mobile devices. That will take a while, but it is coming.
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