This is another Lady of the Lake, in the version rebuilt by Webb in about 1896. I took more photos this time to give a more detailed account of the construction. The downside of that is that the quality of some of the photos is not what I would like. That is partly the result of difficulties of getting the camera into awkward places and photographing small objects, but mainly because I don't want to spend a long time getting the lighting and settings just right for each photo. For most of them it is definitely "point and press" (and hope). It's a long story, so either click Start to read consecutively, or click the title to each part.
Lady of the Lake - Webb version
Nick Baines   Model Engineering
Frames and spacers
Driving axle springs
Firebox and ashpan
Valve gear
Assembling the chassis
Smokebox and cylinders
Slidebars, crossheads and conn rods
Footplate, boiler and firebox
Cab and fittings