Many people have heard of the Bloomers, if only because of the silly name, but only serious LNWR buffs know that there was also a Special Large Bloomer class. They were not very successful. There were only three of them, they were over-weight and the boiler design was awful. They spent most of their time in storage and they did little work. McConnell, who was already in bad odour with the LNWR Board, was asked for his resignation, and duly supplied it.

So why model it? Having done a few peculiar locos in my time, I came to the conclusion that, no matter how odd the prototype, somebody will want a model. Two people decided they did, and fortunately for me they did so at very nearly the same time. It is much quicker to make two at the same time than two separately.
Special Large Bloomer
Nick Baines • Model Engineering